Sloans Bar and Grill - Sloans Bar & Grill Blows

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Don't get me wrong, if just want to get a drink and hang out, this is a great place...just don't get the food!!It's average at best, and way overpriced for what you get.

And they definitely do NOT have the best burgers in town. Whoever said that has no idea what they are talking about, or has never had a burger anywhere else. I'd sooner get a burger from Burger King than I would from Sloan's Bar and Grill again. Oh, and fries are extra, which isn't necessarily a big deal, except that you get about 5 fries.

Me and my girlfriend have sworn off eating at Sloans.

I suggest you avoid it as well...unless you just want to have some drinks.

Sloans Bar and Grill - Sloan's Bar & Grill SUCKS!!!

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Sloans Bar & Grill is one of the worst places to eat in Edgewater. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent place to get a drink...just don't order any food! I've given this place so many chances because it's within walking distance of my house. Time after time, I have been seriously disappointed.

First of all, the food is average at best. Certainly nothing to brag about. On top of that, their relatively average food is WAY overpriced. Case in point, I was planning on ordering a "gourmet" sandwich for lunch and some fries. Well, at most other places, you'd get some fries with your sandwich or burger. Not at Sloans! Not only do you not get fries with your meal, but if you want to order a side of fries, you better order about 5 of them cause they're ridiculously small and ridiculously expensive.

I decided that maybe me and my friends (2 other people) should just split a "large" fries. The waiter said that would be plenty. After a long wait, the fries and rest of the food finally comes, and there's barely enough fries for just me. WTF!!!!

I will NEVER go back to Sloans Bar and Grill to eat anything but a beer. That place sucks and I hope they change some things.


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If you don't have reservation forget it even with the empty tables.Go down the road slighty before sloans to jays. Jays has great food.been to jays with a party of six and everyone enjoyed their meal with no reservation and no wait.

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